Bridge House College Counselling Service

Bridge House Counselling functions as an independent unit of Bridge House College and provides the following services:

  1. Secures admissions to reputable foreign universities and colleges for eligible students.
  2. Counsels students for placement into universities and colleges abroad
  3. Provides comprehensive career/visa counseling and processing to prospective university students
  4. Guides students in applying for admissions and provides them with information on accommodation, welfare, scholarship and bursary awards where available.

Our clients

Our Clients are eligible persons who desire and can afford to study at universities abroad; these include

  1. Bridge House College students (210 students of the College registered for the 2010/2011 session).
  2. Final year (SS3) students of high brow secondary schools all over Nigeria.
  3. Students who are attending preparatory classes for JAMB and ‘A’ Level examinations.
  4. Students of polytechnics, colleges of education and diploma students of universities.
  5. Final year students of universities who wish to enroll for Masters Degrees.
  6. Employed persons and others in between jobs with first degrees or HND qualifications who desire to enhance their career prospects with second degrees e.g MBAs and Masters Degrees.